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Jonathan has two Beautiful children, his daughter Levi and his son Caleb. Jonathan has been involved in the youth and children's work for over 15 years. Jonathan was the children's and young peoples pastor in Milton Keynes, where he worked with Mark Griffiths, who mentored him and taught him alot about working with children. Jonathan was also the children's pastor at the Abundant Life centre in Bradford, and worked with alot of underprivaleged children. He now the youth and children's worker at Christchurch,Ilkley. He has been there since December 2009,and has a strong passion to reach unchurched families, and to share the love of God within the local community, through schools work and other outreach projects, such as the Big Saturday events.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Christmas is coming

Christmas is soon to be here a time of  remembrance of old friends and family that have passed, a time to open presents and spend time with people that are dear to you, to some people it’s a time of loneliness and despair, to others a time of reflection and rest.
Allot of people get caught up in the frenzy of buying gifts and burying themselves in debt; some people eat drink and get merry, but forget the real reason to be joyful.
The great thing out of all this is that allot of people like to go to church over the Christmas period, to some it’s the thing to be done and it becomes tradition and to others well maybe they are looking for the real reason for the season.
This year we are opening up our doors to the community and bringing them into the world of Narnia.
December 18th Big Saturday will be the launch of the Narnia theme.
Over the week before the 18th we will be busy building our world of Narnia, in which you will be able to enter through the Wardrobe and enter a journey into the story of Lion Witch and the Wardrobe.
The Topic for the Big Saturday will be “always winter never Christmas”.
C.S Lewis in his writings wrote about the winter in our hearts that leads to springtime of faith, and so because his cold heart had been warmed by the love of God, he adapted this into his story The Lion witch and the Wardrobe.
The Snow queen’s powers being broken as Aslan, the true king is on the move. This story and theme will help the kids and their families realise that Jesus the real king is on the move to bring true light and freedom to their lives.
Over the Christmas period I will also have the pleasure in hosting the Christingle service 24th Dec 4pm.
This year as part of the Christingle celebration, there will be a play called the grumpy Innkeeper and allot of the young people and children will be involved in the play.
So please come and be a bringer to a great service to rejoice in the fact that Jesus the true light of the world was born to bring peace and joy and salvation.


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