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Jonathan has two Beautiful children, his daughter Levi and his son Caleb. Jonathan has been involved in the youth and children's work for over 15 years. Jonathan was the children's and young peoples pastor in Milton Keynes, where he worked with Mark Griffiths, who mentored him and taught him alot about working with children. Jonathan was also the children's pastor at the Abundant Life centre in Bradford, and worked with alot of underprivaleged children. He now the youth and children's worker at Christchurch,Ilkley. He has been there since December 2009,and has a strong passion to reach unchurched families, and to share the love of God within the local community, through schools work and other outreach projects, such as the Big Saturday events.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Something Big is going on

Big Saturday was officially launched on 02 October 2010 and an exciting adventure has begun.
Over 30 children came to the first Big Saturday and there was a great feeling of peace, fun, happiness and excitement.
In the first part of the programme
  * faces were painted
  * models made out of junk
  * biscuits made
  * knitted dragonflies had their googly eyes stuck on
  * bouncing on the inflatable castle
  * drinking colourful mocktails and

  * eating yummy cakes at the tuck shop.The children then moved upstairs for a fast moving programme, with Bubba the gorilla, singing camels and great worship songs. The children then listened about a fantastic God who loves them so much that he sent his son Jesus, to die on a cross for all the wrong things they have ever done.
All in all the day was a great success and many kids and their parents went away with a smile on their face.

The next Big Saturday will be on 06 November and the theme will be 'Listening to God' based on the bible story of Noah.

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